President visits building of Berlin municipality

BERLIN, Feb. 28 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid a visit on Thursday to the building of Berlin Municipality where he was welcomed by mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit and other German officials. President Saleh toured in the historical building of the municipality and listened to an explanation from the mayor on architectural progress in the city since unification of Germany. He also got aquatinted with ancient architectural designs and plans which show different phases of developing the city. Then, president held talks with the mayor on Yemeni-German relations and fields of the mutual cooperation between the two countries. They also discussed possibilities of twining Berlin with Sana’a as well as setting up a garden by Berlin Municipality to be a sample for friendship between Yemen and Germany. The Berlin mayor highlighted good level of the ties between the two countries, pointing out to the strategic location of Yemen and its historical heritage as well as its tourist sites which attract German tourists. AH/AM Saba