President warns against attacking citizens

SANA'A, May 06 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh warned on Friday against acts committed by outlaw elements on citizens as they lately cut off tongue of one of the pro-legitimacy poets. In his speech in front of his supporters on the "Friday of Security and Stability" at Al-Sabe'en Square, he said that the Yemeni people have already made it clear in 2006 and now they are repeating it once again as they say "yes for the legitimacy and no for chaos and destruction." He directed the Ministry of Interior to hunt down those who cut off the tongue of the poet and present them to justice either they are politicians, military or security personnel or outlaw elements. The president renewed appreciation for the Yemeni people, men and women, for standing in the face of conspiratorial schemes and for their national brave and honorable stances. Saleh welcomed them and valued their attendance to support the constitutional legitimacy and reject chaos, violence, destruction and rebellion and said "we will stand by you as firm as Aiyban and Shamsan mountains." Masses of supporters, coming from across the country, gathered in Al-Sabe'en Square to support the constitutional legitimacy and democracy and to refuse coups. The masses put responsibility on leaders of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) in escalating the crisis in Yemen as well as inciting young people to practice violence and cause chaos. AMAM Saba