Ruling party official raps celebration of attack on President Saleh

SANA’A, June 12 (Saba)- A pro-government rally was held in Sana'a last Friday in loyalty to the homeland and President Ali Abdullah Saleh. In the rally, Ahmad Bin-Daghir, assistant secretary general of the General People's Congress, GPC said that Yemen, the Arab region, and the entire world witnessed last week a criminal, bloody, terrifying event ‘’that was carried out by the hands of evil killers and targeted President Ali Abdullah Saleh’’, wishing him a speedy recovery and a long life. Bin-Daghir went on to list the Yemeni political and military officials who were wounded or killed in the 3 June attack on the Al-Nahdayn Mosque at the Presidential Palace. "Those in the squares erred when they celebrated this heinous crime and rejoiced at the smell of blood, as it was them who had announced the peacefulness of their protests and their dreams of a state of law and order. Where is peace? Where is peace? This is nothing but the colour of blood. The political opposition also erred when it allowed its youths in the squares to express joy at the crime. It was as if that was their best model of a peaceful transfer of power", he said. Bin-Daghir calls on the investigation committee to "accelerate the dissemination of facts as they are to the people so that everyone would find out who is behind this heinous crime, and for the people to know who are their opponents and the criminal hands that committed this crime against the symbol of the homeland as well as against the homeland and the people." He continued by saying that "Yemen is in dire need of deep reform in the political, economic, and social sectors." He adds that "we should all join our political ranks under the banner of unity, democracy, and the building of a modern Yemeni state. The path to peace begins with accord." Bin-Daghir expresses thanks to Saudi Arabia, particularly Saudi King Abdullah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz for receiving President Saleh and the government officials. Saba