Saleh affirms State support for scholars' efforts

MUKALA,Jan.04(Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Tuesday a number of scholars from Hadramout province. At the meeting, the scholars briefed Saleh on efforts and activities made by scholars in order to spread moderation and to carry out religious and national duty in enlightening people, especially youth, about their religion and immunizing them from all negative phenomena and behaviors that harm them and the country. The scholars confirmed their ever readiness to perform their duty in this area, so as to serve the religion and the nation. President Saleh noted to the scholars' efforts, affirming that they are carrying a great duty in enlightening the society on the religion and life affairs. In this regard, Saleh pointed out that the State would support those efforts exerted by the scholars so as to achieve the public interest. A number of issues were discussed in the meeting about the affairs of Da'wah and guidance and the role of scholars in educating young people and warning them from falling into the trap of extremism and misguided ideas. BA Saba