Saleh directs correcting imbalances in educational field

SANA'A, Jan.09(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Sunday with the executive office leadership of General Union of Educational Professions, who briefed him on the Union's activities. President Saleh noted to the Union's efforts in serving its members, asserting the State's interest in teachers and educators and their noble mission. He pointed that the education is a foundation in the intellectual, psychological and behavioral building, which represents the range of values that the young generations should grow up on. Saleh urged directors of the educational process to pay attention to initiatives and activities that instill the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland in minds of young people. He directed the leadership of the educational process to work to correct any imbalances in the field of education, whether in the curricula, teaching aid, activities, financial aspects, or administration. Moreover, Saleh issued his directives for implementing the rest of the financial allowances of workers in the educational field within the general budget of the State. During the meeting, Head of the Educational Professions Union Mohamed Handhal presented the Union's Shield to President Saleh in recognition of his continued support for the education sector, which includes more than 250,000 workers. BA