Saleh: doctors must honor their oaths

ANA’A, May 30 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh visited on Sunday the Ministry of Public Health and Population, where he held a meeting with senior health officials. Health staff must be exemplary for others as to keep offices clean and to comply with office regulations so that staff in health governorate-offices and hospitals apply the same, Saleh stated at the meeting. He stated that the Ministry, through its specialist organs, has to constantly control and supervise medicines and their expiry dates. He directed the Ministry, governorates, local councils and coastguards to enhance combating medicine smuggling and spoil all invalid medicines and to introduce people how to deal with such medicines. In addition, the Ministry should control and supervise private clinics and hospitals breaching conditions and standards necessary to keep people safe. Relationship between patients and physicians is based on trust, so doctors must possess humanitarian characteristics and enough knowledge that enable them honor their oaths, President added. KNSABA