Saleh heads meeting of National Defense Council

SANA’A, Feb 21 (Saba) – The National Defense Council held a meeting on Monday chaired by President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It discussed the latest developments in the country and issues related to the development and modernization of the armed forces. The Council reviewed several reports on the security developments and the performance of the security authorities and plans to preserve the public security and stability. The reports highlighted regrettable events when saboteurs joined the protests in cities including Aden, attacking security members and damaging police stations and public properties. The Council expressed regret over the human losses and destruction due to criminal acts and sabotage which are incompatible with the real practice of democracy and the real morals of the Yemeni people, warning that saboteurs could infiltrate into the protests to commit and incite violence and disturb the country. “Saboteurs are trying to take advantage of the peaceful democracy here to implement their destructive schemes and coup against democracy and the constitution,” it added. Furthermore, the meeting reviewed developments in some regional countries including protest-rocked Libya, urging the Libyans to stop the bloodshed and preserve their country’s stability. Other issues on the agenda were also discussed. FRSaba