Saleh meets preachers in Hodeida

HODHIEDH May 18 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended here on Thursday the training course for the Mosque’s preachers who come from different governorates being held in Hodhiadah during the period from 17-22 May.
In the opening ceremony, Saleh delivered a speech in which he congratulated the preachers on occasion of the 16th anniversary of the reunification. Saleh said ” Its our pleasure to launch the unification’s ceremony bya meeting with preachers who spread love, good, tolerance and awareness among people.”
He added that the Mosque’s message is great specially for those who want to get use of it.
” We are the nation of faith and praise to Allah that we have not communalsects or multi-religions and the Yemeni people has one religion which is Islam” he added.
The problem that divided Muslims is the scholars’ argument so they must avoid conflicts whenever they agree on principles.
He called preachers and scholars to enhance their guidance role and preaching the people to teach them their religion’s teachings and avoiding the temptation. He said that the preacher must guide people and remind them, if he ishonest his guidance message will be honest and achieve its goals. He said the preachers make clear to the nation in this weekly meetingor the weekly meeting how did the messenger of Allah Mohammad Peace BeUpon Him (PBUH) face the unbelievers and how did he face the Islam’senemies.
In his speech about sects, he urged people of different religious sectsto be reasonable and not to discriminate to a particular sect for it doesnot end in common love. “I call upon all Imams, preachers, sheikhs andfollowers to be in the same path and not to be scattered between sectsfor the sake of solidarity and the one word of Yemen.” Saleh said. President also urged people not be wasteful, especially in weddings, becausethe incomes of people vary from one to another which make things worstfor those who get a simple income in case of wastefulness. He added that development needs true people who care of their country,pointing out the difference in development 30 years ago when life wasvery primitive, while it is very advanced at the moment.In the end, he expressed pleasure for meeting with preachers and guidesand thanked them for attending the meeting. He pledged to offer them careto pursue their career.