Saleh meets sheikhs and dignitaries in Sana'a and Amran

SANA'A, Feb.15(Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Tuesday with sheikhs ,social figures, members of local councils, and leaders of parties, youth and civil society organizations in Districts of Himah Dakhilyah and Himah Kharijyah of Sana'a province.Saleh discussed with the attendants a number of issues and topics that concern to the nation and the citizens, most notably what is happening at the national arena as well as issued related to the citizens' needs in the districts. At the meeting, Saleh welcomed the attendants, praising the loyal and national positions of the people of the two districts their sacrifices for the homeland, republic and unity. In his speech, President Saleh dealt with a number of issues and developments at the national arena. "Some people want to drag the country towards a crisis and tray to undermine the security and stability of the country and social peach through inciting anarchy and violence", Saleh said. He added that Yemen is a democratic and pluralistic country based on freedom under which everybody has the right to express his opinion but in a peaceful way and with respect for the law, because the chaos will lead only to ruin. "We always say that we are for change and advocators of change, but change should come to beast and the change in power comes only through the ballot boxes and respecting the will of the people and the constitutional institutions", Saleh said. He noted that the democratic practice should be responsible within respect for the constitution and the law, because the alternative is chaos and mob, which destroys everything that has been done. On the same context, President Saleh met with sheikhs, dignitaries, members of local councils, and leaders of parties, youth and civil society organizations in Districts of Sodah, Sowad , Sowir Eyal Surih and Ridah of Amran province. President Saleh discussed with a issues and developments at the national arena as well as the issues that concern to citizens of the districts. The attendants pointed to the importance of such direct meetings between the people and their leader, which represent the real essence of democracy and the strong cohesion between the people and the leader. They confirmed their support to all efforts made by President Saleh for the homeland, topped by his wise initiative for dialogue and reforms, and they called on all political forces to response to it and interact positively with it. Moreover, they reviewed some needs and aspirations of the citizens in their districts, affirming that the time of regency on the people has gone under the revolution, republic, freedom and democracy. At the meetings, President Saleh noted to the national positions of these districts' sons towards the homeland and its constitutional legitimacy and expressed his appreciation for their sacrifices for the homeland. The homeland is a property of all and all must protect it from any attempt to sow chaos or sabotage, Saleh said. He pointed that all needs and demands expressed by the people of the districts would be taken into account within plans and budgets of the concerned authorities in the government. BA