Saleh meets sheikhs, dignitaries in some districts of Dhamar

SANA’A, March 15 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Tuesday with sheikhs, dignitaries, local councils’ members, leaders of parties and youth in the districts of Otma, Wessab el-Safil and Wessab el-Alei in Dhamar province.In the meeting, President Saleh talked to the attendants, praising the national positions of the people of the three districts in different phases of the revolution and in defending the unity and against the rebellion in Saada province.In his speech, President Saleh dealt with the current situation at the national arena, pointing to efforts and various initiatives made by the political leadership in order to contain the problem, but regrettably all these efforts and initiatives have been rejected by the opposition joint meeting parties (JMPs).The President pointed out that millions of people have come out to express their rejection of violence, chaos and sabotage and their love to the country , noting that Ali Abdullah Saleh is a Yemeni citizen and found in power to be a servant to the people.We have ever believed since we came to power in dialogue and we have addressed our issues in understanding and dialogue, and today we are required to make the dialogue the code to address all issues of concern to our country away from chaos , violence or a coup on democracy and constitutional legality “, Saleh said.He added ” We have repeatedly emphasized our interest in young people and their problems… and we welcome them and dialogue with them and they are keen on the interests of country and its security and stability.”The President expressed regret for acts of violence and breach of the law and order in the provinces of Jawf and Marib and the assault on Marib Governor and the killing of the security director in Maslob district of Jawf by elements of the JMPs and its allies.” Setting on fires and seditions will not serve any one and will hurt everyone’s interests in the country”, Saleh pointed out. He added that chaos can not produce goodness and it is important that people turn to dialogue to discuss all issues with open minds.In the meeting, a number of developments at the national arena were discussed, in addition to issues related the citizens’ needs in these districts.Regarding the request of the three districts’ people to establish a governorate, Saleh considered this request a legal demand, and it would be studied not only for these districts but also for districts of Zabid and Radaa within the revision of the administrative division.The President issued directives to establish three community colleges or technical institutes according to the needs in the three districts in order to qualify youth appropriately to serve the development goals. He confirmed the leadership’s interest in achieving services projects in these districts, particularly road projects.In this regard, Saleh noted that an agreement worth USD 40 million was signed a week ago with the Kuwaiti Fund for Development to complete the project of Dhamar- Husseinyah road, which is one of the most important project in the western area of Dhamar.Moreover, a number of the attendants talked during the meeting, and voiced their support to the President’s initiative announced recently in the General National Conference .BA