Saleh meets sheikhs, dignitaries of Eyal-Yazid district

SANA'A, Feb.13 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Sunday with sheikhs ,social figures, members of local councils in Eyal-Yazid district of Amran province. Saleh discussed with them a number of issues and subjects concerning to the citizens in the district, as well as the issues and developments at the national arena. President Saleh talked to the attendants, expressing his appreciation for their sincere feelings and their national honorable positions. He instructed the concerned authorities to adopt demands of the district within their plans to meet the needs of citizens and to speed up the completion of road projects' implementation. In addition, he directed the government to build a technical and vocational institute in the district to train youth so as to serve the development. During the meeting, the attendants pointed to the importance of such meetings, held by President Saleh, with different groups of people from different districts, which confirmed the cohesion between the leader and the masses of people. They noted that the president's initiative on the dialogue and reforms has had a great impact amid the citizens, confirming that they stand by the leadership for maintaining the homeland and its security, stability, unity and gains. Moreover, the attendants talked during the meeting over a number of issues related to the needs of their district, including the service and development projects, particularly the road projects. BA Saba