Saleh orders Govt to stabilize currency price

SANA'A, Aug. 03 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh directed on Tuesday the government to focus its efforts on stabilizing the national currency price.During presiding over the cabinet weekly meeting, President Saleh directed the government to fix the basic foodstuffs' prices, underlining to take strong legal actions against the currency's speculators either banks or exchange stores or others in addition to the encounter foodstuffs' monopolists.The President accentuated the important role of the Trade and Industry Ministry and the local councils in all governorates to fix foodstuffs' prices and crack down on all manipulators.He ordered the government to conduct a comprehensive economic study and to provide the proposal solutions to tackle the economic crises, enhance the economic and social development, concentrate on strengthening non-oil resources, reinforce the investment environment and to combat corruption.The President stressed the necessity to speed up completing the second stage of the salary and wage strategy to move up to the third stage as well as to keep on the administrative reform under the national reform agenda.AF/AF