Saleh receives Obama call

SANA'A, Feb 02 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh and U.S. counterpart Barack Obama discussed on Wednesday the bilateral relationship and the latest developments in the region topped by the Egyptian crisis. In his phone call to President Saleh, Obama praised the initiative President Saleh announced today that included several positive steps, mainly wise and significant reforms. You proved that you are a wise leader addressing key issues in Yemen efficiently," Obama told Saleh, adding:" I look forward to a good partnership between Yemen and the U.S.Furthermore, Obama said he backed the call of President Saleh for the Joint Meeting Parties to come back to the dialogue table, as he affirmed the U.S. support to all political, economic, administrative and judicial reforms announced by President Saleh. The U.S. is keen to continue cooperation with Yemen in all areas, especially in the security field and in the fight against terrorism, Obama said. President Saleh expressed the Yemeni appreciation for the U.S. support to help Yemen boost its economy and face various challenges. Earlier today, President Saleh attended the emergency meeting of the House of Representatives and the Shura, telling the meeting he will not run for president again and will not bring his son to power after his term expires in 20133. Saleh also urged to freeze the discussion of proposed constitutional amendments that were approved by Parliament in December and called on the Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition, to come back to dialogue. The nation's interest must be put above other interests and the current situation all should work together in the best interest of the people, he said. FRSaba