Saleh reiterates his readiness to dialogue youth protestors

SANA’A, March 25 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh renewed on Friday his readiness to dialogue with youth protestors and receive their legitimate demands.This came in his speech before millions of citizens who flocked from various provinces of the country to partake in the Friday of tolerance and the massive march to declare their support to the constitutional legitimacy.The president called the youth protestors to form a political party and not be a vehicle for other parties of weak, malevolent and sick souls, who he said want to destroy everything in the homeland.President Saleh welcomed the large crowds who had arrived from all over the country willingly to participate in the Friday of tolerance, peace, security and stability.”Yes.. yes .. yes to security and stability, and no to chaos and sabotage .. and no to loot the property, no to assault the governmental complexes and no to plunder the State’s camps”, President Saleh added.He affirmed that those ,who carry out acts of chaos and banditry and destroy everything, are spiteful to all that is beautiful and they want to access to power on the skulls of the martyrs.” These crowds, who reject the coup on the constitutional legitimacy, is a practical answer and a public referendum on the unity, freedom, democracy and legitimacy “, Saleh said.President Saleh pointed out that Houthis ,al-Qaeda, southern mobility and opposition joint meeting parties (JMPs), have gathered to tear Yemen.” We, in the leadership, do not want power and do not need it, and we are willing to hand over power to safe hands, not to frivolous, sick, hateful and corrupt hands”, said Saleh.President Saleh confirmed that he is with the change for the best ,and against coups and chaos, confirming his keenness to save blood of Yemenis.”These concessions, which we offer, are for the homeland”, he said.BA