Saleh says "Nobody is above the law no matter who they are"

SANA'A,Feb.09(Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh directed on Wednesday the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SNACC) to refer corrupt officials to justice, Saying " Nobody is above the law no matter who they are".He instructed the Authority to revive files of corrupt officials, whether they are ministers, heads of governmental institutions and bodies and any other officials or persons involved in cases of financial and administrative corruption no matter who they are and at any location, in the forefront of those who claim integrity to deceive the public opinion and their files are full of corruption.This came during President Saleh's meeting with Head and members of the SNACC, who gave him a report on what has been done by the Authority since its establishment before three years and so far.At the meeting, Saleh noted the efforts made by the Authority since its inception. He urged the Authority to double efforts in pursuing cases of corruption in public money and to bring those responsible to the judiciary to take legal action against them, so as to maintain public money and reduce corruption.He stressed the importance of enhancing coordination between the Authority and the Central Organization for Control and Auditing (COCA) and the judiciary in following-up cases of corruption and taking decision quickly in them.Saleh emphasized the significance of media help to the efforts of the SNACC through propagating issues of corruption and libeling corrupts in light of the judgments issued against them. The SNACC's report included corruption cases that have been referred to the judiciary and the recovery of public funds amounted to about YR 11.59 million and USD 81.5 million, as well as submitting 34 cases to the Public Funds Prosecution, and dealing with 30 cases administratively, while 200 cases have been saved for lack of evidence.The report pointed out that 1,200 are currently being considered by the Authority and they are under investigation.BASaba