Saleh urges Yemenis to partake in presidential election

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Monday all Yemeni people to participate actively in the early presidential election on February 21.

In the editorial of ruling party, General People Congress, newspaper "Almithaq" entitled "Presidential election victory for our democracy", President Saleh urged to make every effort to push all the voters and citizens, who have attained the voting age, to exercise their legal right to protect the constitutional legitimacy.

"Yemen is now living a very important historic stage", Saleh said, asserting that Yemen has overcame the destructive chaos affected several Arab countries.

He indicated to his last year caution and initiatives aimed at preventing from the repercussions of the crisis broke out in the country last year, saying that has called for an early presidential election as well as forming a national reconciliation government headed by the opposition.

The President pointed to the constitutional right he has relinquished voluntarily and the various concessions he has made for the security and stability of Yemen..