Saleh: Yemeni people is longing for freedom and security

SANA'A, March 22 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Tuesday that Yemeni people are longing for freedom, security and stability, and rejecting chaos and separation."The Yemeni people says yes for the unity ,democracy, security and stability", Saleh added. This came during his meeting with sheikhs, dignitaries, local councils' members, leaders of parties and youth from different areas and tribes of the country, who flocked to Sana'a to confirm their positions towards the constitutional legitimacy.President Saleh expressed his appreciation for their national positions towards the homeland and its unity, security and stability. " The life is positions ,which tell about minerals of men and their positions in front of challenges and storms", Saleh said. He stressed the importance of standing up to those who challenge the order and law.He urged the attendants to maintain the unity ,security and stability and to say no to the advocates of chaos and vandalism and no for corruption.BA