Saleh's role in Yemen's progress highlighted

ABU DHABI, UAE, August 9 (Saba) - Zayed International Centre for Coordination and Follow-up has published a new study entitled Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh as part of a series on Arab and international figures who have made a positive impact on the march of human history, A Gulf daily reported on Saturday. Together with the series on relations between nations, the studies are intended to shed light on the role of the leaders in crystallizing and promoting the civilizational and development process in their countries, the Gulf News said. This would also help lay down solid foundations for world peace and security. President Ali Abdullah Saleh has used his thorough knowledge of the Yemeni ancient history and civilization, in establishing a historical continuity in building and developing his country since coming to power in 1978. He has been able to render hope to his people. The manner in which he managed his country's internal and external affairs made him an progressive leader in the region, the study states, adding that he succeeded in bringing stability and security to his country and people, overcoming all the upheavels witnessed in Yemen. He has set an example of cohesion and harmony between people and leadership. According to the study, thanks to his firm stances and clear vision, he became a role model. Yemen under his leadership, has embraced progress and development, hoisted the banner of unity, and achieved a democratic system based on political pluralism. The economic openness promoted by him has transformed the Yemeni society bringing it political and economic modernization. The study goes through the various stages of President Saleh's political life, his thought, the landmarks of his political and economic achievements, and his role along with other Arab and Muslim leaders in building Arab and Muslim solidarity. The study also deals with the friendly relations between Yemen and the UAE, characterizing them as a good example of relations that ought to hold between nations, explaining that these distinctive relations between the two countries are reflected in the mutual wills and visions of the two leaders President His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Ali Abdullah Saleh. FY/KM