Stop playing with fire, President Saleh says to JMPs

Stop playing with fire, President Saleh says to JMPs
Stop playing with fire

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Friday on citizens to face all kinds of economic and political challenges due to acts of sabotage carried out by the opposition joint meeting parties (JMPs).

This came in his speech before in Al-Sabeen Square, where he welcomed the crowds of Yemeni people who rallied from all provinces of the country to express their positions and support for the constitutional legitimacy.

"We say to the JMPs and their allies stop playing with fire", said President Saleh, stressing that the people will be forced to protect their institutions , villages and homes with all their strength.

President Saleh warned that unless the sabotage acts stopped, the people along with the security and military institutions will be forced to respond to those who carry out acts of sabotage and attacks on public institutions and private property and the latest of which was what happened on Wednesday.

He strongly condemned these acts of sabotage, saying "Inciting the JMPs' elements to break into the public institutions is a sabotage act that can not be overlooked."

"We will face the challenge with challenge .. And who wants power, he should turn to the ballot boxes", said Saleh.

He reiterated his call for the opposition parties to return the constructive dialogue under any umbrella and anywhere.