President orders to grant lands for YJS members

SANA’A, June 13 (Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh gave orders on Sunday to grant lands in provinces for the members of Yemen Journalists Syndicate (YJS).In his meeting with the YJC council, president Saleh also gave directives to offer treatment for the YJS members in the hospitals of ministries of interior and defense.Moreover, he asked to donate YR 40 million to set up a club and fund for journalists.In meeting, the president Saleh discussed with the YJS council issues related to the role of the syndicate in improve journalism in the country.He affirmed important role of journalism to report truth over the national issues.The council granted president Saleh title of the syndicate on 20th anniversary of the Yemeni unification and as appreciation for his role in offering care for journalists.The council highlighted amnesty on journalists who have cases in the court, valuing his support for the syndicate.AH