President receives Yemeni Islamic scholars


SANA'A, Feb. 28 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh received here on Monday members of the Yemeni Islamic Scholars Society. During the meeting, the Islamic scholars reviewed the role they have done to fill the gap among the Yemeni people. They reviewed points of the initiative the president asked the Islamic scholars to convoy to the Joint Meeting Parties which in includes the following: - withdrawal of elections and referendum law to be returned to the Parliament for approval. - withdrawal of the constitutional amendments draft currently studied by the Parliament and forming a government of national unity to conduct the constitutional amendments. - forming a government of national unity. - referring corrupts to justice and to quickly study corruption issues raised to judges. - releasing any prisoner whose accusation was not proved. - selection of five judges each party has the right to select two out of them and the 5th to be selected by the Committee of Islamic Scholars, or in agreement between the 4 judges, in order to solve the current dispute among the political parties. - ending media campaigns and incitement in order to prepare the way for a successful national dialogue. - stopping protests and sit-ins in order to ensure termination of all chaos and destruction acts. They affirmed the importance of bearing in mind interest of the nation, specially under the current condition in which there are many challenges threatening security, stability, unity and achievements of the country. In his speech, Saleh said that the whole Arab world is going through a dangerous stage and Yemen is part of this Arab nation and is going through the same crisis, noting that all of this is just copying others and affirmed that there is a solution for each problem. He noted that there are conflicts in many Arab and foreign regions and at the end the rivals sit on the negotiation table after bloodshed and economic losses. "We call our brothers for the negotiation table so that we are judged based on the Islamic sharia,'' Saleh said. He referred to the 8 points agreed on with the Islamic scholars, putting responsibility on them in case of chaos and killing took place. President warned against separation of the country, noting that the opposition will not be able to run the country for even a week. "Yemen will be divided to not two parts only but to four parts if chaos erupted," Saleh warned, calling on the Yemeni Islamic scholars to say the truth as the opposition are just making use of the current situation. AMAM