President Saleh: Aspirants in power should go to ballot boxes

SANA'A, March 28 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Monday that the aspirants in power should not climb the shoulders of young people, but they should go to ballot boxes.This came in his speech during his meeting with youths of the Popular Association to defend unity, who came from all Yemen's provinces."If the people gives them the confidence, I will hand power over to them, but not in an anarchic and demagogic manner and not via the culture of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMPs)", Saleh added.He described the fire accident happened on Friday, March 18, as unfortunate, holding the JMPs' leadership the full responsibility for its results."Those, who want to access to power through coups, are allies. Al-Qaeda, Houthi rebels, secessionists and JMPs have allied to topple the political system", said Saleh, alluding that the fall of the political system means the fall of the unity.He confirmed that he is with the legal demands of youths and will direct the concerned authorities to meet their all demands. "If a majority of 95 percent is with security, stability, development and unity of the country and a minority of 5 percent disturbs security of the nation, then who has to be departed. Of course, the minority", the president said.He added that the mercenaries and traitors, who had betrayed the revolution, republic and democracy, are the ones who should leave the homeland.In the meeting, the youths presented a document of covenant and loyalty to President Saleh, in which they stressed that they are with the constitutional legitimacy and the dialogue to reach a peaceful transfer of power, and will not allow any coup against democracy.They affirmed that they will encounter anyone tempted to harm security and unity of the homeland, appealed the president not to offer any concessions beyond the scope of constitutional legitimacy and democratic approach.BA