President Saleh meets sheikhs, social figures of Baidhya

SANA'A, April 02 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi met on Saturday with sheikhs ,social figures, members of local councils, leaders of parties ,youths and civil society organizations of Baidhya who expressed their support for constitutional legitimacy and their support for Yemen's unity, security and stability. President Saleh talked to the attendants, welcoming their support for constitutional legitimacy as saying "we highly appreciate your arrival to the capital Sana'a and your participation in Friday's rally as well as your sacrifice for the country and its republican system. "I completely know the sons of Baidhya who are supporting the revolution as they are a symbol of courage and redemption", Saleh said. President Saleh said we were hurt by some irresponsible speeches made by sons of Baidhya but such speeches are related to those persons themselves. The sons of Baidhya pointed out that their history was always known and they would be honest soldiers to face any acts of sabotage, chaos and anarchy, affirming they came to the capital Sana'a to renew their loyalty for the country and for President Saleh. They affirmed that more than four million voted for the President Saleh in 2006 and it can not be relinquished in response to minority who seek to jump on the majority and the people's will. They called on the Joint Meeting Parties to respond the President Saleh for dialogue to safeguard the country from sedition. HAAM Saba