President Saleh opens Al-Ameryiah Islamic School project

RADA’A, Sept. 11 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh opened on Sunday Al-Ameriyah Islamic and historical school and mosque project in Rada’a city of al-Baida province.

The School officials briefed President Saleh on restoration works implemented by Yemeni-Italian experts. Al-Ameriyah Islamic and historical school considers a key historical and archeological landmark in Yemen, dated back to 516 years ago. It was a remarkable scientific and religious educational centerat that time and many students from different Arab and Islamic regions, who seek knowledge, were passing long distances to reach it forstudy.

In the opening ceremony, president Saleh delivered a speech in which he pointed out the historical importance of the two places, saying that our concern is not on restoration works of these two prominent historical places but it focuses on the mechanism that lead to protecting and reservingall historical sights spread all over the country.

He gave his directives to ministries of Culture and Tourism, and Social Affairs to restore the historical castle of Rada’a and other historical mosques in Rada’a city.
He thanked all donor countries and organizations who contributed effeciently in this project especially Netherlands, Italy and the United States.

He also granted Salma Al-Radi, Arab archeologist and sponsor of the projecta title of the art and culture and working team of the project financial rewards.