President visits 14th Armored Brigade Camp

TAIZ, May 17 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid a visit on Monday to the 14th Armored Brigade Camp of the Republican Guard. During the visit, President Saleh got acquainted with the progress in the programs of training and rehabilitation and congratulated the soldiers on the 20th anniversary of the Reunification Day. He expressed his satisfaction with the high combative readiness and discipline in the camp, urging the soldiers for more efforts in the aspects of training and rehabilitation to acquire more combat skills and experiences in the training fields. Meanwhile, he affirmed the continued efforts in the development and upgrading the armed forces at all levels and supplying it with everything that is modern and advanced in the field of military construction. He stressed the need for vigilance, preparedness and awareness in the performance of duty. Furthermore, President Saleh visited the Training Center of the Republican Guard and knew about the programs and activities carried out by the center in the field of training and rehabilitation. He voiced his appreciation for the efforts exerted by the center’s leadership and trainers in training and preparing the soldiers in the military field, affirming that the qualitative training is the base of the construction and modernization process taking place in the armed forces. In this regard, the President noted to the scientific and military edifices owned by the armed forces today, which offer qualified cadres in the various disciplines, including this training center. BA Saba