Russia welcomes decision of stopping military operations in northwest region

MOSCOW, Feb.12 (Saba)- Russia welcomed on Friday the decision of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to stop military operations in the northwest region of Yemen.According to the statement of the Russian foreign ministry, the Russian government re renewed its steady position which supports efforts of the Yemeni government to enhance security and stability as well as tackle its social and economic issues.On Thursday president Saleh chaired the meeting of the Parliament-Shura committee in charge of overseeing the implementation of the ceasefire conditions that the Houthi rebels accepted on Monday. The committee was briefed on Slash’s decision on halting the military operations in the northwest region. The meeting also dealt with the responsibilities of the committee and other committees that would be responsible for brining peace into the region and dealing with the post-war consequences and reporting on the ravaged areas to rebuild them. President Saleh stressed the importance of the role of the committee, urging it should bear sense of responsibility. AH