Saleh: development is accompanied by existence of security

SANA'A,Feb.05(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh confirmed on Saturday that the process of construction and development is always accompanied by security and stability. He pointed out that the security and stability in turn can be achieved only in the presence of the armed forces and security institution, which is strong and vigilant and capable of fulfilling its functions and duties. During his visit to the camp of the 3rd Mountain Infantry Brigade, Saleh the attention to the military and security institution's personnel, who perform a great national duty in serving the homeland and maintaining its security, stability and achievements and the social peace. President Saleh got acquainted with operations of training and rehabilitation and the level of implementation of the training plan for 2011 in the camp. He hailed the level of discipline and the qualitative training that soldiers receive in the 3rd Mountain Infantry Brigade, noting the efforts made by the camp's leadership, experts and trainers in this aspect. Moreover, Saleh noted to the decisions issued by the annual conference of leaders of the armed forces and security and the positive impact of those decisions on the process of construction, modernization and development in the armed forces and security institution. BA Saba