Saleh directs Lahj’s local authority to solve citizens’ issues

LAHJ, Dec.25 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh instructed on Saturday the local authority in Lahj to solve land and housing issues citizens’ issues. He noted that YR 10 billion has been allotted for the implementation of service and developmental projects in Lahj province. This came during his meeting with the local councils, Parliament and the Shura Council members, social figures, and activists of the Yemeni revolution in the provinces of Lahj and Abyan. At the meeting, President Saleh spoke to the attendance, saying” We are here today to discuss all issues of concern to citizens and to solve them and how to confront acts of sabotage and terrorism”. “By the Reunification Day, We closed the files of the past and entered into a new era of reconciliation, tolerance and brotherhood in order to build the homeland”, Saleh added. He pointed to the big role that should be played by the local authority in solving the citizens’ issues, so that the central authority can turn to planning, programming and completing of service and developmental projects that serve citizens. Those projects could not be made in light of the sabotage and banditry acts carried out by the outlaws who disturb security and stability and hamper the development efforts, Saleh indicated. “Those elements who promote a culture of hatred among sons of the country aim to stir up sedition amid the society and harm the national unity, but they will not succeed in their plan”, President Saleh said. He added that this plan was implemented by the same elements in summer of 1994 and the plan failed at that time. “We have to address issues with national responsibility away from passions and follies and in civilized manner”, he said. In this regard, Saleh urged social figures to cooperate with the local authority in solving citizens’ issues and maintaining security and stability in their areas. Everybody can express him self peacefully through parliament and political and democratic means available to all, far from violence or banditry or killing exercised by paid and isolated elements, Saleh indicated. “You should form a committee from this meeting in order to discuss citizens’ issues and provide proposals to solve these issues”, said Saleh. Concluding his speech, Saleh wished success for all, hoping that such meetings would result in what serves the country. BA Saba