Saleh orders to hold meeting to discuss situations in Radfan

LAHJ, Nov. 28 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered on Sunday to hold a meeting of social figures and all political and administrative powers in Radfan districts to discuss the situations in there.Saleh also directed to form a committee from local council, head of the appeal court, office of General Authority for Land, Survey and Urban Planning in Lahj governorate to tackle the land issues in there. He ordered to form the same committee in the governorates that have land issues.The President gave his orders in a speech he has made during meeting with the head and members of the local council, heads of executive offices and the security bodies' officials in Lahj governorate in accordance with the law.President talked about the situation in Lahj, affirming the importance of the local council to work as a team to serve the citizens, ensure the security and peace in the governorate, encounter any negative phenomena and to follow up the implementation of the development and service projects.Saleh congratulated the attendants on the 43rd anniversary of the November 30 and the success of hosting the 20th Gulf Cup.The President has listened to reports on the performance of the local council, the executive offices and about the development and service projects in addition to some security and land issues in the governorate.AF/AF