Saleh promotes 517 retired officers, reinstates 396 officers to service

SANA’A, (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh issued on Wednesday four republican decrees promoting 517 pensioner officers as well as reinstating 396 military officers to service. Decrees No. 74, 77 for 2007 stipulate promoting 517 military retired officers to higher ranks. Decree No. 75 for 2007 dictates to put back in service 11 military pensioners for two years Decree No. 76 for 2007 stipulates that 385 military officers to be put back in service with their last ranks. The last articles in the four decrees dictate that the decrees should come to force from the date of issuance and be published in official gazette. The decrees were issued depending on the recommendations of the Supreme Officers Committee. AF/AF Saba