President Saleh: dialogue is best way for addressing issues

SANA’A, Feb.26(Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Saturday with sheikhs, local officials and leaders of parties , youth and civil society organizations in Bani Hushish District of Sana’a province. At the meeting, President Saleh welcomed the attendants from Bani Hushish district, hailing their national positions and sacrifices. He pointed to initiatives introduced in order to everyone sits at the table of dialogue to address issues of concern to the homeland, stressing that the dialogue is the best way to address the issues and disparities and to reach common denominators and to serve the higher national interest . A number of the attendants talked during the meeting, confirming their support to the President’s initiative and his call for the national dialogue. They affirmed that all should response to the call of dialogue in order to keep the homeland away from sedition and problems. During the meeting, President Saleh discussed with the attendants a number of issues that concern to the citizens in the district, as well as the current developments at the national arena. BA Saba