President Saleh meets Bohra Sultan

SANA'A, Oct.07 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Thursday Sultan of Bohra ,Mohammed Burhanuddin, who is currently visiting Yemen. In the meeting, they talk about the Bohra community and several issues of concern to the Islamic nation. Burhanuddin expressed his appreciation for President Saleh's positions towards the issues of the Islamic nation and Muslims, and for the care and facilities given to the Bohra community in Yemen. Sultan of Bohra arrived in Sana'a on September 18 to take part in the annual celebrations of Bohra in Yemen, which held in Haraz district of Sana'a province, some 130 Kms to the west of the capital Sana'a. The Bohra followers from different parts of the world come to Yemen every year to visit their religious shrines in Haraz Mountains and in Hamdan district. BA Saba