President Saleh: there is plot against Yemen's unity

President Saleh: there is plot against Yemen's unity
President Saleh: there is plot against Yemen's unity

SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh presided over on Saturday a meeting of the armed forces' leaders.

At the meeting, Saleh discussed with the armed forces' leaders many issues that concern to the efforts of construction and modernization in the armed forces and enhancing the defensive capacity of the country, as well as the role of the military institution in maintaining the security, stability and national gains.

President Saleh pointed to the importance of this meeting, which comes in complex and difficult circumstances experienced by the Arab world and Yemen in particular.

"The country is going through great difficulties since four years by fits and starts between the various political parts and we are trying all means to address and overcome these difficulties through democratic means but to no avail, although the political leadership provided a package of reforms", Saleh explained.

"This package of reforms designed to calm the situations and heal the rift between all political forces and maintain the security, stability and unity of the country", Saleh said noting that there is a hidden and apparent agenda since the end of the 1994 summer war, which is a fire under the ashes.

He pointed that there is a plot against the unity of Yemen, pointing to two positions emerged clearly over the past years, the first one seeks to separate Yemen's south from its north and the other one seeks to turn the north to the priesthood imamate.

"We are confident that our people and the great national institution will abort any plots and they will not accept to return to the past", Saleh said.

On the sit-ins issues, President Saleh said that the sit-ins and marches are guaranteed by the Constitution and the law.

He pointed out that the military institution bears full responsibility in maintaining the security, unity, freedom and democracy in Yemen, adding that the military institution is the hard power, which all foreign plots and agendas shatter on its rock.

Yemeni people express everyday their love to this the homeland and their readiness to sand by the military institution to defend the country and its gains, Saleh indicated.

"We say to the Yemeni people that the homeland is in safety as long as it is in the hands of his brave sons, who will defend their unity", Saleh said.

"They are now destroying every nice thing in Aden, for nothing but selfishness and remnants of colonialism", said Saleh adding that those who commit vandalism acts are some mercenaries..