Saleh visits 1st and 2nd Mountain Infantry Brigades

SANA'A,Feb.07(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh visited on Monday the camps of the First Mountain Infantry Brigade and the Second Mountain Infantry Brigade. He inspected the two camps' personnel and operations of training and rehabilitation and the level of implementation of the training plan for 2011. During his visit, Saleh delivered two lectures in the presence of officers and soldiers of the two camps. He commended the high level of qualitative training they receive to enable them to perform their duties efficiently at different circumstances and geographical terrains. President Saleh pointed to aspects of the military discipline, emphasizing the importance of the qualitative training and the implementation of tactical projects that enhance soldiers' skills. He confirmed the leadership's interest in strengthening the defense and security capacity of the military and security institution and improving living conditions of its personnel. New qualified cadres join everyday to the armed forces and security institution, Saleh pointed out. Saleh affirmed that the existence of a strong military and security institution contributes to setting the security and stability under which the construction and development can be achieved. BA Saba